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Attorney Documents

We have set up a website where you can upload your documents. You will need to provide our office with your IP address and we will provide your office with a user name and password. We will email you instructions once your office is set up. 

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Attorney's Click Here To Upload Documents

Important Information For Attorneys

If you are having trouble sending e-mails to attydocs:

Please be sure to set your document scanning settings such that the resulting PDF file size is small. The Trustee's office has a limit on the maximum size of email messages that can be sent. If your message total size exceeds 20 megabytes it will be bounced. Just as an example of that size a 20MB PDF file should be able to contain roughly 300 printed pages of text. If your PDF is much smaller than that but larger than 20MB then your scan settings most likely need to be adjusted. Scanning is measured in dpi or dots per inch. The larger the dpi the larger the PDF. Keep the dpi size down and your pdf size will be smaller. The pdf's should also be scanned in black and white. 

In addition if you are having difficulty sending to the Trustee's office and are not receiving bounce messages that your messages have not been received, please verify with your I.T. provider that your email system has not been configured to ignore NDR (non-delivery-receipts). If it has, you will not receive the bounce messages that the server sends.

Debtor Attorneys, Creditors & Creditor Attorneys will use the link. Please see the Link below for instructions and internet access agreement.

Internet Information Access agreement - for access to the website for Debtor Attorneys, Creditors and Creditor Attorneys

To access case information use this link. Debtor Attorney, Creditor & Creditor Attorneys web site

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